What Are the Warmest Cities Around the World?

What Are the Warmest Cities Around the World?

I researched various countries around the world to find the warmest cities in each of them.

I wrote an individual article for each of the countries, listing top 10 cities and ranking all the major cities. For easier navigation, in this article I combine all my research along with a link to each article.

I have a separate article for Europe and the US. In this article I list other countries.

The countries are listed alphabetically. You can use the table of contents to skip to the country that interests you. Each country comes with:

  • A quick description of the country.
  • Top three warmest places with their annual average temperature and average temperature ranges in the winter and summer (the average high temperature between December and February and June and August or the opposite in case of the Southern Hemisphere). The cities are ranked by their average temperature.
  • A link to an in-depth article featuring a given country’s warmest cities as well as other related articles you may find interesting.


Sunny, dry, surrounded by the ocean, vast, remote. All these words can describe Australia. But Australia is such a large country that it’s hard to define it easily. While it mostly features a warm to hot climate, it stretches across different climate zones, including not only the hottest tropical ones but also some of the cooler highland subtypes.

Australia is one of the most desirable destinations among those who want to live in a place with excellent year round climate but also world-class infrastructure, safety, and a standard of living. The country’s major cities as well as the regional ones all offer something different but one thing is common: barring a few exceptions, they all enjoy great weather.

The three warmest places in Australia are:

  1. Darwin – average temperature of 27.85 °C, winters between 31-32 °C and summers between 32-33 °C.
  2. Broome – average temperature of 26.75 °C, winters between 29-30 °C and summers between 33-34 °C.
  3. Karratha – average temperature of 26.6 °C, winters between 26-28 °C and summers between 35-36 °C.

Click the link for a more detailed article on the warmest cities in Australia.

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Brazil is one of the hottest countries in the world. With so much of the country located in the tropics, Brazil is home to some of the most intense heat-wise cities in the world. The humidity combined with extremely high temperatures result in a muggy climate where taking a shower a few times a day is a necessity.

While Brazil is most known for a few very populous cities, there are actually many more large-sized cities and towns dotting the country’s long coast as well as occupying the country’s vast interior.

The three warmest places in Brazil are:

  1. Boa Vista – average temperature of 28.75 °C, winters between 33-34 °C and summers between 31-33 °C.
  2. Mossoró – average temperature of 28.05 °C, winters between 32-34 °C and summers between 33-34 °C.
  3. Marabá – average temperature of 28 °C, winters between 33-35 °C and summers between 31-32 °C.

Click the link for a more detailed article on the warmest cities in Brazil.

Warmest Cities Around the World: Brazil


As one of the most developed countries in the world, Canada often appears in top3 in all rankings for quality of life. But you can’t have everything. While Canada is known for all the opportunities it offers its citizens, it’s largely a very cold country with bitterly cold winters.

If the cold climate doesn’t bother you, Canadian cities are some of the most livable cities in the world. If the cold climate does bother you, you can choose to live in British Columbia which has a cloudier climate with cooler summers but milder winters.

The three warmest places in Canada are:

  1. Delta – average temperature of 11.05 °C, winters between 7-8 °C and summers between 20-22 °C.
  2. Coquitlam – average temperature of 10.7 °C, winters between 6-8 °C and summers between 20-24 °C.
  3. Richmond – average temperature of 10.55 °C, winters between 6-9 °C and summers between 21-24 °C.

Click the link for a more detailed article on the warmest cities in Canada.

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As a rapidly growing country with a very rich culture and biodiversity, Mexico is one of the top destinations for retirees who want to enjoy the country’s excellent climate and cuisine on a lower budget. Due to its varied geography and climate zones, Mexico offers something for everyone, from milder highland climates to some of the hottest and most humid in the world.

When looking for a new place to live in Mexico, it’s not so much about finding a place with a warm climate as it is about finding a place with a climate that’s not too hot. Thankfully, the country’s long coastline offers plenty of cities and towns moderated by the ocean breeze.

The three warmest places in Mexico are:

  1. Acapulco – average temperature of 27.9 °C, winters between 30-31 °C and summers around 32 °C.
  2. Ciudad del Carmen – average temperature of 27.5 °C, winters between 28-29 °C and summers around 34 °C.
  3. Cancún – average temperature of 27.15 °C, winters between 28-29 °C and summers between 34-35 °C.

Click the link for a more detailed article on the warmest cities in Mexico.

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Warmest Cities Across the Globe: Mexico

New Zealand

Despite its remote location far away from other continents, New Zealand is one of the top countries renowned for its life quality. Promoted as a green, peaceful nation, New Zealand is a heaven for hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to live in a country with low population density.

While New Zealand crosses several climate zones, overall the country has a rather mild climate with mild winters and mild summers. It’s rarely very hot or very cold there, making it a perfect destination for people looking for pleasant temperatures.

The three warmest places in New Zealand are:

  1. Whangārei – average temperature of 15.75 °C, winters between 15-16 °C and summers between 23-24 °C.
  2. Kaitaia – average temperature of 15.7 °C, winters around 16 °C and summers between 22-25 °C.
  3. Warkworth – average temperature of 15.35 °C, winters between 15-16 °C and summers between 22-24 °C.

Click the link for a more detailed article on the warmest cities in New Zealand.

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