What Are the Warmest Cities in Mexico?

What Are the Warmest Cities in Mexico?

Mexico is known for its tropical climates and resulting high average temperatures year round. If you’re planning to visit Mexico or move there and want the hottest weather possible, you’re in the right place.

In this article I’ll share with you my list of the warmest Mexican cities, researched from a list of the 100 most populous cities in Mexico (with roughly at least 150,000 residents). I’ll cover the top 10 with the highest annual temperature in more detail and then present the entire ranking in a table with 76 major cities in the country.

Top 10 Warmest Cities in Mexico

Warmest Mexican Cities

Here are the top 10 warmest places in Mexico. The places are ranked by their average annual temperature. Each city also includes temperatures in January and July. These are sometimes, but not for all places, the coldest and hottest months respectively. Some cities in Mexico have the hottest months in March or April. For comparison purposes, I decided to give data for the same months for every destination.

1. Acapulco – 27.9 °C

The resort city of Acapulco on the Pacific Coast in the state of Guerrero is the warmest city in Mexico. Its average temperature is only slightly warmer than in the second and third warmest city but it’s still the hottest Mexican city nonetheless. Acapulco has a wet and dry tropical climate. The rainy season runs between June and October when the city gets the highest temperatures. Acapulco doesn’t have a “winter season.” It’s always hot.

Average high temperature in January: 30.4 °C

Average high temperature in July: 32.3 °C

2. Ciudad del Carmen – 27.5 °C

Ciudad del Carmen is a city on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Campeche, located on the western edge of the Yucatan Peninsula. The city gets less rainfall between January and May, with the rest of the year bringing a lot of precipitation. The city has a lower temperature in January (it still can’t be called a “winter season,” though) than Acapulco but experiences a hotter rainy season.

Average high temperature in January: 28 °C

Average high temperature in July: 34 °C

3. Cancún – 27.15 °C

The most famous resort city of Mexico, known for its white sand beaches, is the third warmest city in the country. Like the previous two cities, Cancún is hot year round, with average daytime temperatures never dropping below 28 °C. The rainy season runs from May through October but it rains much less than in the previous two cities. Compared to Playa del Carmen, Cancún is about a degree and a half Celsius warmer.

I wrote an article on Cancun: Does It Rain a Lot in Cancun?

Average high temperature in January: 28.3 °C

Average high temperature in July: 34.3 °C

4. Villahermosa – 27.1 °C

Villahermosa is the capital city of the state of Tabasco. It’s located in southeast Mexico, about 80 km from the Gulf Coast. Its tropical monsoon climate gives it a humid climate with plenty of rain, particularly between June and October when it also experiences the hottest temperatures.

Average high temperature in January: 27.9 °C

Average high temperature in July: 33.9 °C

5. Campeche – 27 °C

Campeche, another city in the Yucatan Peninsula, is the capital city of the state of the same name. It’s the fifth warmest city in Mexico. Campeche has hotter daytime temperatures throughout the year than most cities in this ranking. It has cooler nights, though, which results in placing fifth.

Average high temperature in January: 29.1 °C

Average high temperature in July: 34.5 °C

6. Mérida – 26.7 °C

In the hottest month, Mérida, the safest city in Mexico and Latin America, has the highest temperatures in this ranking (but not in all of Mexico; desert cities like Mexicali feature much hotter temperatures). But temperatures are consistently hot throughout the year as well, with average 30.8 °C even in the coldest month. Mérida has the lowest nighttime temperatures in this ranking, dropping to about 17 °C in the coldest months.

Average high temperature in January: 30.8 °C

Average high temperature in July: 35 °C

7. Chetumal – 26.7 °C

Chetumal is a border city in Quintana Roo, located by the border with Belize, on the western side of Chetumal Bay. Known for the Mayan ruins to the west of the city, Chetumal is a growing city featuring a climate similar to Cancún in the cooler months and about two degrees colder in the hottest months.

Average high temperature in January: 28.5 °C

Average high temperature in July: 32.4 °C

8. Tapachula – 26.6 °C

Tapachula is a city close to the Pacific Coast in the state of Chiapas. It’s one of the rainiest cities in Mexico, with extreme amounts of rainfall falling between May and October. The city is extremely hot and humid year round, with daytime temperatures on average always above 33 °C. The reason why its average temperature is lower than that of the previous cities is because Tapachula has colder nights.

Average high temperature in January: 33.6 °C

Average high temperature in July: 33.2 °C

9. Manzanillo – 26.6 °C

Manzanillo is a Pacific Ocean port and resort city in the state of Colima. It has a tropical savanna climate, with most rain falling in the hottest months between June and October. The dry season is still very warm and sunny, with average temperatures at night not dropping below 19-20 °C.

Average high temperature in January: 29.4 °C

Average high temperature in July: 32.4 °C

10. Coatzacoalcos – 26.05 °C

Coatzacoalcos in the state of Veracruz on the southern Gulf of Mexico coast is the tenth warmest city in Mexico. It has the coolest temperatures in January out of all ten cities in this ranking. The city’s tropical monsoon climate gives it extreme rainfall between May and January, giving it a relatively short dry season.

Average high temperature in January: 25.6 °C

Average high temperature in July: 30.6 °C

Top 76 Warmest Mexican Cities Ranked by the Average Temperature

Cancún is the third warmest city in Mexico

Here’s a table with 76 major Mexican cities out of the 100 most populous cities in the country. They have roughly at least 150,000 residents. 24 cities are missing because no climate data was available for them. The data comes primarily from Servicio Meteorológico Nacional.

CityAverage high temperature (°C)Average low temperature (°C)Daily mean temperature (°C)Average high temperature in January (°C)Average high temperature in July (°C)
Ciudad del Carmen322327.52834
Tuxtla Gutiérrez32.119.525.829.832
Playa del Carmen30.62125.827.832.5
Los Mochis32.718.325.526.137.6
Villa de Álvarez32.518.525.531.332.4
Puerto Vallarta29.62125.326.732.2
Poza Rica30.519.625.0524.233.6
Ciudad Madero28.420.824.622.931.7
Cabo San Lucas29.817.923.8525.433.3
La Paz30.716.823.7523.636.6
Ciudad Victoria30.116.823.4522.735
Ciudad Obregón32.614.223.42438.5
San Luis Río Colorado31.414.522.9520.642.3
Nuevo Laredo28.517.122.817.936.8
Piedras Negras29.615.122.3519.638.2
Ciudad Acuña27.614.921.2517.336.3
Santa Catarina26.815.521.151932.6
Gómez Palacio2814212234
San Juan del Río364.720.3523.531
Mexico City (Tacubaya)
San Luis Potosí24.310.517.420.624.8
Ciudad Juárez25.68.517.0513.735.5
San Cristóbal de las Casas21.98.11520.322.5

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