Welcome to BetterWhere.com! I’m Martin. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and research on the best climates in the world. I’ve been to 30+ countries and lived or spent at least several weeks in six of them.

I can spend hours reading, talking, and writing about the best places to live, places with the best climate, the best places for nature lovers, and the intricacies of various types of climate that make a given place pleasant or to be avoided.

I want to help you find your new home, an exciting place to travel to, or simply to learn more about the world.

My Quick Story

My interest in traveling started as a result of suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I was born in Poland, which for the majority of the year (between October and April) features gray skies, low temperatures, and a generally unpleasant, depressing climate.

I could never stand winter. It robbed me of my favorite outdoor activities and the limited sunlight completely wrecked my energy levels. The only time I felt truly alive was during the summer, while in the winter I felt like a hibernating zombie.

By the time I was 21, my condition deteriorated so much that I couldn’t spend another winter in Poland. I moved to a small island in Mexico where I lived for 3.5 months, between February and May.

That experience made me realize that there was a way to escape my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I could feel great during what otherwise would be another terrible, dark period to wait out.

When I came back from Mexico (pretty much broke financially; my budgeting skills weren’t the greatest at 21), I dedicated myself to building a business that would let me leave Poland during the coldest, grayest months.

How I Live Now

I eventually accomplished this goal. Since then, I’ve been to 30+ countries. Besides Poland, I lived or spent at least several weeks in Mexico, Barbados, two regions of Spain (Andalusia and the Canary Islands), Australia, New Zealand, and Greece.

Due to my dislike of cold weather, my favorite places in the world are sunny, hot destinations. As a nature lover I’m also curious about any place with fascinating nature and beautiful views. My favorite countries that I’m always happy to visit again are Australia and Spain.

Whether you want to travel, move, or retire to another region or country, this website will give you inspiration and information on where to go. I write articles based both on my experience as well as on my research.

I welcome any thoughts from readers, so feel free to reach out via the contact form.