What Country Is 20 Degrees All Year Round?

What Country Is 20 Degrees All Year Round?

For many people, 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) is perfect weather. Places that have such a climate year round are sometimes defined as having “mild weather” or “temperate weather.” It’s not cold but it’s not hot, either. If you add to that sunshine, 20 degrees results in comfortable conditions for a t-shirt and shorts, without sweating.

While such temperatures are average summer temperatures in cooler places (like in Cornwall) and in hot places are average winter temperatures (like in Brisbane), what country is 20 degrees all year round? Is there such a nation at all?

Let’s see where we can find these warmer weather conditions without any extremes. But before…

Can It Always Be 20 Degrees Celsius?

Can It Always Be 20 Degrees Celsius?

A temperate climate with about 20 degrees Celsius year round is sometimes referred to as an”eternal spring.” While there’s not a single country that has on average such a climate in its entire territory, there are places within many countries that do offer such a climate or one closely resembling it.

Usually such stable mild temperatures are found in areas with a subtropical highland climate. It’s where the elevation doesn’t let temperatures climb too high while the (sub)tropical region keeps them from falling too much.

Before I share these places, note that the average temperature can’t be exactly 20 degrees all the time. Even if the average yearly temperature is 20 °C, it doesn’t mean the weather is always like that.


Nights are always colder than days. Depending on the local climate, temperatures at night can drop to 10-15 degrees Celsius (in more humid areas) or to just a few degrees or less (in dry areas), resulting in cold nights. Before the day reaches its highest average temperature, you may experience cooler weather. Same after sunset, when pleasant weather may rapidly change into a chilly evening.

Sun and Wind

The sun (or lack thereof) also influences the “feels like” temperature. Sunny days feel warmer than cloudy days. A generally sunny place with 20 °C will feel hotter than a generally cloudy place with 20 °C.

The same goes for wind. If the air temperature is 20 degrees Celsius but the wind is blowing strongly, it may feel more like 15 degrees or even less. Conversely, if it’s calm and the sun is out, 20 degrees may feel more like 25 degrees, particularly under intense summer sun in a place that gets a lot of UV radiation. One example is New Zealand with a relatively mild climate but strong sun.


Then there are also seasons which influence average temperatures, too. Places that have mild winters may not have mild summers while places that have mild summer temperatures may not have mild winter months. This is particularly common with places that get four seasons: they often have hot summers and cold winters with a big variation in temperatures.


And of course, there’s also rain. Even if you have stable 20 °C but it rains almost every day, it won’t be a pleasant place to live no matter how mild the temperatures are. Some places have a rainy season, some are arid with little rain year round, some have dry summers, and some have dry winters. This produces either low humidity or high humidity, which leads to a different thermal sensation, too.

All this is to say that we can only get as close to perfect weather as possible but we can’t have perfect weather all the time. A perfect climate is only attainable for those who are happy accepting the shortcomings of a given place’s climate. Otherwise, no place will be good enough.

Places That Are 20 Degrees All Year Round

Here are the places on all continents that experience weather with 20 degrees Celsius all year round, or that have a climate close to it (either leaning slightly towards warm weather or towards cool weather).

I did my best with extensive research but it’s impossible for me to find all the places in the world with a spring-like climate. I hope that the ones included will be helpful.

For each place I give the average summer temperature and the average winter temperature. Besides daytime temperatures I also mention nighttime temperatures to better help you pick a place with the best weather for you.

The continents are listed alphabetically. Antarctica is missing for obvious reasons (no mild weather in this tropical paradise).

20 Degrees Year Round in Africa

20 Degrees Year Round in Africa

Home to some of the hottest countries in the world, Africa doesn’t bring into mind any places with mild temperatures year round. Even if some places experience comfortable temperatures in the winter (such as Morocco), in the summer almost the entire continent gets hot. But there are some pockets of milder weather.

South Africa

The most famous place in Africa with a temperate climate is Cape Town in South Africa. Usually, the city is neither too hot nor too cold.

In the summer months, it records average temperatures ranging from 25 to 26 °C. Nighttime temperatures are around 15-16 °C. In the winter months, Cape Town records average temperatures around 18 °C. Nights bring temperatures between 7-8 °C.

Johannesburg is another South African city with a relatively narrow range of temperatures. In the summer it records temperatures of 25-26 °C (14-15 °C at night) and in the winter 16-19 °C (cold 4-6 °C at night).


The decidedly NOT famous Asmara in Eritrea (not a country where foreigners would like to live due to being one of the poorest in the world) is also close to our 20 degrees range. In the hottest months it has 25 degrees Celsius (17-18 °C at night) while winter temperatures are between 21-22 °C (13-15 °C at night).


There’s also Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It records 24-25 °C in the hottest months (17-18 °C at night) and 21-22 °C in the coolest ones (15-16 °C at night). Another Ethiopian city, Dessie, has similar temperature ranges as well.

The city of Asella in central Ethiopia is the mildest weather-wise place in Africa (that I’ve found). The coolest months feature temperatures of 20 °C (14-15 °C at night) while the hottest ones 23 °C (16 °C at night). Another similar climate-wise place in Ethiopia is Debre Birhan with the highest temperatures reaching 23-24 °C (17 °C at night) and the lowest staying at 19-20 °C (12-13 °C at night).

20 Degrees Year Round in Asia

20 Degrees Year Round in Asia: Kunming

As a huge continent, Asia has countless distinct geographical regions and countless climates, from the tallest mountain ranges (including the world’s tallest mountain) to some of the most spectacular sandy beaches in the world. It also has some regions with mild climates, primarily due to elevation.


Kunming has good weather for those who like temperate climates. Known as The City of Eternal Spring, it records temperatures of up to 25 °C in the summer months (20 °C at night) and 16-18 °C in the winter months (9-11 °C at night).


Ooty in Tamil Nadu has a spring-like climate year round. In the hottest months, the average temperature reaches 23 °C (11-12 °C at night) while in the coolest ones the temperature remains high at about 17-18 °C (11 °C at night).


Mamasa on the island of Sulawesi has a tropical rainforest climate bordering a subtropical highland climate. This results in temperatures between 22-24 °C year round (15-16 °C at night).

Waghete, Central Papua, has a slightly cooler climate between 20-24 °C year round (13-14 °C at night).

Berastagi in North Sumatra also has relatively mild temperatures year round, around 23-24 °C during the day and 16 °C at night.

The Philippines

Situated between 835 meters and 2,374 meters at its highest elevation, Sagada has one of the mildest climates in the Philippines. The city gets stable 18-23 °C throughout the year, with nighttime temperatures around 11-16 °C.

Due to its elevation of 853 meters, Baguio enjoys a milder climate, too, with temperatures that year round stay in the range of 23-25 °C (13-16 °C at night).


Da Lat in Vietnam is a city with almost spring-like weather year round. The temperatures range from 21 °C in the coldest month to 25 °C in the hottest month. Nighttime temperatures are between 12-16 °C year round.


Genting Higlands close to Kuala Lumpur is a hill resort with a spring-like climate due to its elevation of 1,865 meters. It maintains temperatures between 20-22 °C throughout the year (12-13 °C at night).

Cameron Highlands is another region of the country that has a much milder climate. Temperatures are consistently between 21-23 °C throughout the year (15-16 °C at night).

Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya offers virtually perfect weather year round for those who like mild climates. Temperatures change very little throughout the year. The hottest months reach 22-23 °C (10-11 °C at night) while the coolest ones reach 19 °C (13 °C at night). The city doesn’t get much sunny weather, though.

20 Degrees Year Round in Europe

20 Degrees Year Round in Europe: Azores

While Europe’s climate is rather mild, there are very few places that feature year round temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. Summer months are usually hotter than 20 degrees while winter months are usually much colder. But there are a few options that are never too hot nor too cold.


Mainland Spain usually gets too hot in the summer to be considered as having a mild climate. The only exception is some cities in northern Spain that get cooler in the winter but don’t get as hot in the summer.

For example, A Coruña gets about 14 °C in the winter (8-9 °C at night) and 22-23 °C in the summer (15-16 °C at night). Gijón has a similar climate and so does Santander.

Even in the Canary Islands, a place known for its spring to summer-like weather year round, summers can get hot with temperatures reaching 27-29 °C. Still, there are some places in the Canary Islands that would fit our requirements.

Towns at an altitude of several hundred meters are a few degrees Celsius colder. If on average coastal cities in the Canary Islands get winter temperatures of about 20-22 °C and summer temperatures of about 26-29 °C, then you can expect about 16-18 °C in the winter and 22-25 °C in the summer.

This math works for La Laguna in Northern Tenerife (elevation 632 meters) that records 16 °C in the winter (10 °C at night) and 24-26 °C in the warmest months (16-17 °C at night). Other places at higher altitude in the Canary Islands include:

  • San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Santa Lucía de Tirajana on Gran Canaria,
  • Granadilla de Abona and Vilaflor on Tenerife,
  • Las Hayas and Igualero on La Gomera,
  • Valverde on El Hierro,
  • Llano Negro on La Palma.

As far as I know, there are no such places on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The islands are too flat and their mountainous areas are not populated.


Mainland Portugal doesn’t have any places that are 20 degrees year round. One place that would be the closest to having a mild climate is Sagres. In the winter it has temperatures of 16-17 °C (9-10 °C at night) while in the summer average temperatures go up to 25-26 °C (17-18 °C at night).

While mainland Portugal doesn’t fit our criteria, its archipelagoes in the Atlantic Ocean do.

Madeira is one option for those seeking eternal spring. If you base yourself at higher elevation in Funchal, you’ll enjoy temperatures close to 20 degrees year round. At sea level, Funchal records 20 °C in the winter months (13-14 °C at night) and 25-26 °C in the summer (19-20 °C at night).

The Azores are another option. At sea level, the islands on average get temperatures between 16-18 °C in the winter (12-13 °C at night) and 24-26 °C in the summer (18-20 °C at night). Like the Canary Islands, towns at higher elevation provide a milder climate.

20 Degrees Year Round in North America and Central America

20 Degrees Year Round in North America and Central America: Boquete

North America and Central America are home to some of the world’s most famous all year round spring-like climates. Here are some of the places on this continent that offer a perfect climate for those looking for mild weather every day.

The United States

California is the best place in the United States for temperate weather without any extremes.

Many would say that San Diego has a perfect climate. It records 19 degrees Celsius in the winter (10-11 °C at night) and gets to 25 degrees Celsius in the summer months (19-20 °C at night).

San Francisco (or any neighboring cities and towns) is an option on the cooler side. In the winter months, it records 14-16 °C (8-9 °C at night) while in the summer temperatures reach 20-21 °C (12-13 °C).

Watsonville is another mild year round option. Winters feature average temperatures ranging from 16 to 17 °C (3-5 °C at night) while summers stay moderate at 22-23 °C (10-11 °C at night).

Salinas is slightly warmer than Watsonville. Winters bring temperatures of 17-18 °C (5-6 °C at night) and summers of 23-24 °C (11-12 °C at night).

Lastly, a cooler city but still offering a temperate climate is Crescent City on the Pacific Ocean, close to the border with Oregon. Temperatures range from 13 °C in the winter (5-6 °C at night) to 18 °C in the summer (11-12 °C at night).

If we were to count Hawaii as a part of North America (and not Oceania), then Kula on the island of Maui, located at 720 meters above sea level, also offers a mild climate. Temperatures in the colder months stay around 20 °C (12 °C at night) while in the warmest months they go up to 24 °C (15 °C at night).

Waimea on the Big Island could be another option, with consistent 23-25 °C year round during the day and 10-14 °C at night.


Apizaco in the state of Tlaxcala has a temperate arid climate with daytime temperatures year round oscillating between 21-25 °C. Winter temperatures at night get very cold, though, dropping to 0-2 °C. In the summer, nights are still cold, around 7-8 °C.

Toluca, the state capital of the State of Mexico, has a subtropical highland climate with temperatures ranging from 19 °C in the coldest month (1 °C at night) to 24 °C in the hottest month (8 °C at night).

Zacatecas, in the state of Zacatecas, also features temperate weather year round except for two months with temperatures around 25-27 °C (12-13 °C at night). In the coldest months temperatures are around 18-19 °C (5-6 °C at night).

Apart from two hottest months when temperatures reach 27 °C, Mexico City is also known for its mild weather. In the coldest months temperatures reach 22-23 °C during the day (8-10 °C at night) while in the warmest, 25-27 °C (12-14 °C at night).


Due to its elevation of about 2,400 meters, Quetzaltenango has a cooler subtropical highland climate. In the coldest months, temperatures stay around 21 °C (9 °C at night) while in the hottest months they reach 24-25 °C (3-4 °C at night).


The most well-known place in Panama that has a spring-like climate is Boquete. Because it’s located at an elevation of 1,200 meters, it has a much cooler climate than the rest of the country. Its temperatures are within a very narrow band, between 22-24 °C year round. Nighttime temperatures are between 13-15 °C.

Cerro Punta is another city at high elevation in Panama that has a much cooler climate than the rest of the country. Situated at an elevation of 2,000 meters, its temperatures are between 17-19 °C year round, with temperatures at night between 8-10 °C.

The Dominican Republic

Constanza in the Dominican Republic is a city at an elevation of 1,164 meters. This gives it a subtropical highland climate which is cooler than the coastal areas of the country. In the winter, Constanza has average temperatures between 21-23 °C (13 °C at night) while summers are around 25 °C (16 °C at night).

20 Degrees Year Round in South America

20 Degrees Year Round in South America: Cusco

South America spans a variety of climate zones, from some of the hottest to some of the coldest. Mild climate can also be found on this continent. Here are some examples.


The capital city of Colombia, Bogotá, would be absolute perfection for the fans of mild weather if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so cloudy (even cloudier than most cities in the UK). Still, if few hours of sunshine don’t bother you, the city offers stable temperatures between 19-20 °C all the time (8-10 °C at night).

Another option, if you want slightly cooler weather and don’t mind even less sunshine, is Pasto. Located at 2,527 meters above sea level, the temperatures are consistent 16-18 °C year round (9-10 °C at night).

Yet another option is Tunja, with similar to Bogotá temperatures of 18-19 °C during the day and 7-9 °C at night.


The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is the second-highest capital city in the world. Because of its elevation, temperatures in the capital of this otherwise tropical country are much milder. Regardless of the month, they stay at 21-22 °C during the day and 9-10 °C at night.

Cuenca also features a similar climate to Quito, with slightly warmer days reaching up to 23 °C in the warmest months and nights at 9-11 °C year round.

There’s also Baños de Agua Santa (commonly referred to as Baños), the gateway to the Amazon that also stays pleasantly mild year round. Whether it’s January or July, temperatures are within 21-23 °C during the day and 12-13 °C at night.

For a warmer option during the day, Loja stays at mild 22-24 °C year round, with temperatures at night ranging from 5 °C in the coldest month to 8 °C in the warmest.


Merida, one of the main cities of the Venezuelan Andes, is located at an elevation of 1,630 meters. Its mild climate is stable year round, with daily temperatures of 23-24 °C and 13-15 °C at night.


Located at a mountain-sickness-inducing altitude of 3,399 meters above sea level, Cusco features a typical subtropical highland climate. There’s very little variation in temperature, with daytime temperatures between 19-21 °C and nighttime temperatures between 0-7 °C.

For a warmer option, Arequipa offers 22-25 °C year round, with temperatures at night between 5-9 °C.

For a cooler option, Juliaca at 3,825 meters above sea level (!) has a climate bordering on an alpine tundra climate. Its temperatures during the day reach on average 16-19 °C year round, while nights are cool to very cold at 3-4 °C in the warmest months and -6 to -7 °C in the coldest months. You’ll need way more than a light jacket to survive the nights there.


Urupema is considered the coldest city in Brazil. The highest temperatures in the summer reach about 24 °C (12-14 °C at night) and 15-16 °C in the winter (8-10 °C at night).


The capital of Bolivia, Sucre, is another perfect representative of a subtropical highland climate. The temperatures in the city vary from 19-21 °C during the day. At night, in the warmest months, temperatures drop to 13 °C while in the coldest months they drop to 8-9 °C.


The nation’s favorite resort town of Viña del Mar has a relatively stable climate with 22-24 °C in the summer (15-16 °C at night) and 15-17 °C in the winter (11-12 °C at night). Unlike most cities in this article, it has a Mediterranean climate and is a coastal city.

Antofagasta in northern Chile has temperatures ranging from 17 °C in the coldest months (12 °C at night) to 24 °C in the warmest months (17 °C at night). Iquique has a similar climate and so does Arica.

Calama in the Atacama Desert is one of the driest cities in the world. Its temperatures are relatively stable, too, though on the warmer side. They range from 21 °C to 25 °C, with cold nights between -1 °C and 6 °C.

For a cooler option, La Serena records average winter temperatures of 16 °C (8 °C at night) and 21 °C (14 °C at night) in the summer.

20 Degrees Year Round in Oceania

20 Degrees Year Round in Oceania: Tauranga

Oceania is home to some of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. These tropical paradises aren’t suitable for people who enjoy mild weather, though. There are other destinations on this continent that are more fitting if you don’t want any extremes in temperature.


Portland, Victoria, has one of the mildest climates in Australia. In the summer temperatures reach 22 °C (13 °C at night) while in the winter they drop to 14 °C (7 °C at night).

Goolwa, South Australia is another option. Summer temperatures reach 23-24 °C (15-16 °C at night) while winters are around 16 °C (7-8 °C at night).

Ulladulla in New South Wales is on the warmer side but still mild. The warmest months reach 24 °C (17 °C at night) and the coldest months stay around 16-17 °C (9-10 °C at night).

Other similar options include Victor Harbor in South Australia, Albany in Western Australia, and Margaret River in Western Australia.

New Zealand

While New Zealand doesn’t have any places with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius all the time, several cities on the North Island are mild enough to be worthy of a mention. Auckland, Tauranga, and Whangārei all feature summers with temperatures around 23-24 °C (15-16 °C at night) while winters stay mild at 15-16 °C (6-8 °C at night).

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