What Are the Warmest Cities in Utah?

What Are the Warmest Cities in Utah?

The three warmest cities in Utah are St. George, La Verkin, and Moab.

In this article I’m going to share with you my ranking of the warmest places in Utah.

I created my list by researching data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other climate data providers.

Below I’m listing the top 10 warmest places in Utah that have the highest average yearly temperatures. Later in the article I share a table with 30 most populous cities in Utah.

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Top 10 Warmest Cities in Utah

Top 10 Warmest Cities in Utah

Here are the top 10 warmest places in Utah ranked by their daily mean temperature.

1. St. George – daily mean temperature of 63.1 °F

St. George is by far the warmest city in Utah. Located close to the Arizona and Nevada borders in southwestern Utah, the city has a cold arid climate with very hot summers (over 100 °F during the day) and mild winter temperatures of 55-60 °F during the day in the coldest months. The state’s warmest city has an average daily mean temperature that is 8.45 °F higher than in Salt Lake City.

2. La Verkin – daily mean temperature of 60.85 °F

The second warmest city in Utah is La Verkin, a small town of 4,000 inhabitants about 20 miles northeast of St. George. It has cooler, but still hot, summers and slightly cooler, though still mild winters (with mean daily temperatures in the coldest months above 50 °F). The neighboring city of Hurricane shares the same climate as La Verkin.

3. Moab – daily mean temperature of 57.6 °F

Moab is the third warmest city in Utah. It has noticeably colder winters than the first two cities. While both St. George and La Verkin have relatively warm weather for winter in Utah, Moab only reaches about 44 °F in the coldest months. This is still higher than in most cities in Utah but lower than in St. George, La Verkin, and Kanab that placed fourth.

4. Kanab – daily mean temperature of 55.95 °F

Kanab, another city in the very southwest corner of Utah, is about 80 miles east of St. George. While its yearly daily mean temperature is lower than in Moab (due to Kanab having cooler summers), it has milder winters reaching 48-49 °F. Consequently, Kanab has the third mildest winters in Utah.

5. Salt Lake City – daily mean temperature of 54.65 °F

The most populous city of Utah, Salt Lake City, is the fifth warmest city in the state. It has a cold semi-arid climate with hot weather in the summer with daily highs of about 92-94 °F. Its winters are cold but not freezing cold, with daily highs of about 39-40 °F. While the city isn’t warm year round, as most places in Utah it enjoys year round sunshine that makes its climate more comfortable.

6. Provo – daily mean temperature of 54.4 °F

Located about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, Provo has a slightly cooler annual average temperature. It has warmer winters than Salt Lake City, though, with daily highs of at least 41 °F. If you’re considering moving to one of the most populous and warmest places in Utah, both Salt Lake City as well as Provo are good options weather-wise, with Provo having slightly less extreme weather year round.

7. Syracuse – daily mean temperature of 54.1 °F

Syracuse is about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City. Due to geographical proximity, it has a similar annual daily mean temperature. Winters in Syracuse are colder than in Salt Lake City, with daily highs between 35-38 °F. Summers are also cooler by up to a few degrees.

8. Murray – daily mean temperature of 54 °F

Murray is located in the Salt Lake County and has virtually the same climate as Salt Lake City. The small difference in the daily mean temperature may be caused by different providers of climate data which I used for these two cities.

9. Sandy – daily mean temperature of 53.5 °F

Sandy is another city in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area that shares the same climate. Any small differences are caused by different providers of climate data.

10. Farmington – daily mean temperature of 52.5 °F

Farmington is the tenth warmest city on this list and yet another located near Salt Lake City. I used the same climate data provider for both (NOAA). They differ in precipitation amount, with Farmington getting more than Salt Lake City.

30 Biggest Cities in Utah Ranked by Daily Mean Temperature

Provo, Utah

I created the table below by researching data for the 30 most populous municipalities in Utah. When I couldn’t find data for a given municipality, I moved on to another. While the list includes 30 cities, some of the bigger cities may be missing because there was no data for them. Please check the closest geographically city then.

CityAverage high temperature (°F)Average low temperature (°F)Daily mean temperature (°F)
St. George7749.263.1
La Verkin74.74760.85
Salt Lake City64.944.454.65
Eagle Mountain Ranches62.939.351.1
Cedar City64.436.550.45
Brigham City63.33750.15
Eagle Mountain City Center63.730.547.1
Heber City62.730.446.55
Park City55.830.142.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the warmest city in Utah?

The warmest city in Utah is St. George, with its cold arid climate more resembling Las Vegas than other cities in Utah. Its annual daily mean temperature is 63.1 °F.

Where in Utah is warmest in winter?

Southwest Utah has the warmest winters in Utah. This includes cities like St. George, La Verkin, Hurricane, and Kanab. These places enjoy winter daily highs of above 50 °F.

What city in Utah gets the least snow?

St. George, located right by the Arizona and Nevada borders, has little to no snowfall.

Is Utah warm all year round?

The only part of the state that could be considered as being warm year round is the southern region of the state bordering Arizona. Even in the coldest month, cities like St. George, La Verkin, Hurricane, and Kanab enjoy winter daily highs of above 50 °F. Other cities in Utah have noticeably colder winters with highs of 40 °F. Note that Utah in general has very hot summers.

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