What Are the Warmest Cities in Mississippi?

What Are the Warmest Cities in Mississippi?

The three warmest cities in Mississippi are Ocean Springs, Biloxi, and Gulfport.

In this article I’m going to share with you my ranking of the warmest places in Mississippi.

I created my list by researching data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other climate data providers.

Below I’m listing the top 10 warmest places in Mississippi that have the highest average yearly temperatures. Later in the article I share a table with 50 most populous cities in Mississippi.

Top 10 Warmest Cities in Mississippi

Top 10 Warmest Cities in Mississippi

Here are the top 10 warmest places in Mississippi ranked by their daily mean temperature. If you’re looking for the highest temperature year round, these ten places are up to 8 degrees warmer than the coldest places of the state located in its northern part.

1. Ocean Springs – daily mean temperature of 68.5 °F

Ocean Springs is a small coastal city of 18,000 people, located in the southeastern corner of the state on the Mississippi Sound. It’s the warmest city in Mississippi. Ocean Springs has some of the mildest winters, with temperatures of 60-63 °F during the day and 45-47 °F at night between December and February. In the summer, Ocean Springs experiences hot weather with average high temperatures of 88-90 °F and average low temperatures of 74-76 °F. An average summer is thus quite muggy.

2. Biloxi – daily mean temperature of 68.45 °F

Biloxi, a city of 50,000 residents, lies about 4 miles west of Ocean Springs. It’s the fourth largest city in Mississippi. It has almost exactly the same climate as Ocean Springs.

3. Gulfport – daily mean temperature of 68.35 °F

Gulfport is a city of 73,000 people, located 13 miles west of Biloxi. It’s the second largest city in the state. Because it’s located in the same area as the previous two cities, its climate is very similar. Weather stations report slightly warmer winter days at 61-65 °F and slightly cooler nights.

4. Yazoo City – daily mean temperature of 67.55 °F

Located 46 miles north of Jackson, Yazoo City, along with Picayune and Wiggins, has the highest average high temperature in Mississippi, at 78.2 °F. That’s over two degrees higher than in Ocean Springs that is overall the warmest city of the state due to much warmer nights (the average low temperature there is 61 °F compared to 56.9 °F in Yazoo City). Yazoo City has the hottest summer days out of all cities on this list, with temperatures reaching 92-95 °F.

5. Waveland – daily mean temperature of 67 °F

Waveland is another city on the Mississippi Sound. It’s located even further southwest, 20 miles of Gulfport, and in the southwestern corner of the state. At 7,000 residents, it’s one of the smallest cities in this ranking. In the winter, Waveland has average highs of 59-63 °F and lows of 42-44 °F. In the summer, it has slightly lower temperatures than Ocean Springs, Biloxi and Gulfport, getting temperatures between 87-89 °F.

6. Columbia – daily mean temperature of 66.55 °F

Columbia is a small city of 6,000 people, located 33 miles west of Hattiesburg that ranks seventh in this ranking. Columbia has some of the warmest days on this list (60-64 °F in the winter and 90-92 °F in the summer) while having some of the coolest nights (38-42 °F in the winter and 70-72 °F in the summer).

7. Hattiesburg – daily mean temperature of 66.45 °F

At almost 49,000 residents, Hattiesburg is the fifth most populous city in Mississippi. Hattiesburg has a climate virtually the same as Columbia.

8. Picayune – daily mean temperature of 66.4 °F

Picayune is a city of 12,000 inhabitants, located 5 miles from the border with Louisiana in southwestern Mississippi. Picayune enjoys some of the warmest winter days in Mississippi, getting average high temperatures of 62-66 °F between December and February. Nights are much colder, though, with temperatures dropping to 38-41 °F (as opposed to much milder 45-47 °F in Ocean Springs).

9. Vicksburg – daily mean temperature of 66.15 °F

Vicksburg lies on the Yazoo River on the border with Louisiana, 44 miles west of Jackson. About 21,5000 people call the city home. At 53.4 inches of annual rainfall, Vicksburg has the lowest precipitation out of all ten cities in this ranking. Vicksburg has one of the least moderate climates on this list. Winters are colder than in other cities, ranging from 57 to 62 °F. Meanwhile, summers are some of the hottest, ranging from 90 to 93 °F.

10. McComb – daily mean temperature of 66.15 °F

McComb is located 75 miles west of Hattiesburg. This small city of 12,500 people has the same annual daily mean temperature as Vicksburg. It has different temperatures, though. Winters are between 60-64 °F and summers are between 89-91 °F.

50 Biggest Cities in Mississippi Ranked by Daily Mean Temperature

Jackson, Mississippi

I created the table below by researching data for the most populous municipalities in Mississippi. When I couldn’t find data for a given city, I moved on to another. While the list includes 50 cities, some of the bigger cities may be missing because there was no data for them. Please check the closest geographically city then.

CityAverage high temperature (°F)Average low temperature (°F)Daily mean temperature (°F)
Ocean Springs766168.5
Yazoo City78.256.967.55
Bay St. Louis75.455.765.55
Crystal Springs76.754.365.5
Water Valley73.649.461.5
Olive Branch715060.5
Holly Springs72.148.460.25

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the hottest city in Mississippi?

The hottest city in Mississippi is Ocean Springs, a small coastal city in the southeastern corner of the state. It has an average temperature of 68.5 °F and offers some of the mildest winter temperatures of 60-65 °F during the day between December and February. In the summer, Ocean Springs experiences hot weather with average high temperatures of 88-90 °F.

Is Mississippi a hot place to live?

With a humid subtropical climate influenced by the Gulf of Mexico in the southern part of the state, Mississippi is one of the hottest states. It has warm weather year round, with the average high temperature of 70 °F or higher up to 9 months a year. Winters, while not hot, are still warm during the day with temperatures reaching on average 60-63 °F. Nights can get more chilly but freezing temperatures are rare.

Is Mississippi warm in the winter?

Mississippi enjoys mild winters. In the warmest parts of the state, temperatures can reach 60-65 °F during the day and drop to about 38-45 °F at night. If you dislike cold, snowy winters, Mississippi is one of the best states to avoid them.

Is Texas or Mississippi hotter?

Texas is 3-4 degrees warmer than Mississippi. The average annual temperature for the 50 cities in Mississippi I researched for this article is 63.9 °F. Meanwhile, for the 50 cities in Texas I researched for the article on the warmest places in Texas that average is 67.6 °F.

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