Warmest Places in the Midwest During Winter

Warmest Places in the Midwest During Winter

What are the warmest places in the Midwest during winter? If you want to escape cold weather this winter season and head somewhere in the region for winter vacation (or move to the warmest area of the Midwest), you’re in the right place.

I’m going to share with you the warmest states in the Midwest. I’ll also tell you what 10 cities in the Midwest offer the warmest weather during the cold winter months.

What Are the Warmest Midwest States Year Round?

According to the US Census Bureau, the following 12 states are considered the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

These states include some of the coldest states in the nation such as North Dakota and Minnesota. These for sure won’t be your idea of an ideal winter vacation spot (unless you’re into winter sports and want to engage in cross country skiing, ice skating, or go on a winter hike).

I’ve written articles for every state in the US, ranking them by the warmest cities. Here they are for all the Midwest states:

By the average temperature of the warmest city in each of the states, here’s how the Midwest states rank:

1. Missouri: 59.5 °F

Missouri is by far the warmest Midwest state, with 7 cities that have the highest average temperatures in the region. Sikeston is the warmest city in Missouri.

2. Kansas: 57.65 °F

Kansas is the second warmest state in the Midwest, with four cities with average temperatures above 57 °F. Wichita is the warmest city in Kansas.

3. Illinois: 57.65 °F

Illinois is the third warmest Midwestern state. Despite the warmest city in Illinois, Belleville, having the same average temperature, Illinois doesn’t have as many warmer cities as Kansas.

4. Indiana: 57.25 °F

Indiana gets the fourth spot since the warmest city, Boonville, is cooler than Illinois’s warmest city. But Indiana has more warmer cities than Illinois.

5. Ohio: 54.9 °F

Long after the first four states we have Ohio. The warmest city in Ohio, Portsmouth, has an average temperature below 55 °F which is 4.5 °F cooler than in Missouri.

6. Nebraska: 53.1 °F

Nebraska is the sixth warmest Midwestern state. Falls City is the warmest city of the state. Nebraska is noticeably cooler than Ohio.

7. Iowa: 51.9 °F

Iowa follows with another big drop in temperature from the previous spot. The warmest city in Iowa, Burlington, is over a degree Fahrenheit cooler than in Falls City, Nebraska.

8. Michigan: 50.85 °F

Michigan may offer great summer activities on the Lake Michigan but apart from the summer, it’s one of the coldest Midwest states. Niles, the warmest city in Michigan, is one of just a few cities with an average temperature above 50 °F. With lots of snowfall, Michigan is more of a winter wonderland for cold weather fans than a winter getaway for people looking for warmer weather.

9. South Dakota: 49.7 °F

And now we’re below 50 °F. The warmest place in South Dakota, the small city of Winner, is not so much a winner in this ranking. South Dakota is still much warmer than North Dakota, though.

10. Wisconsin: 49.3 °F

Wisconsin follows South Dakota closely. Milwaukee is the warmest city in Wisconsin, which doesn’t say much considering how cold the state gets.

11. Minnesota: 47.15 °F

Over two degrees lower we have Minnesota, with Vadnais Heights representing the warmest weather in the state.

12. North Dakota: 44.35 °F

North Dakota closes the ranking with the average temperature of the warmest city, Belfield, 15 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the warmest city of Missouri. Go there for a Midwest winter getaway only if you really like cold weather (North Dakota is by far one of the best states for weather if you’re into low temperatures).

Note that these are the average yearly temperatures of the warmest cities in each of the state. They don’t indicate winter temperatures but the average climate if you were to live in an area that experiences the highest temperatures year round in a given state.

Top 10 Warmest Cities in the Midwest During Winter

Top 10 Warmest Cities in the Midwest During Winter

Here are the ten warmest Midwest cities in the winter months along with average temperature ranges between December and February. The list is dominated by Missouri which is by far the warmest Midwest state due to its mild subtropical climate.

None of these places are anywhere close to being a super warm Midwest winter getaway but you can change your climate to a milder one nonetheless (unless you happen to already live in one of these warmer places).

1. Sikeston, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44.2-49.2 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 27.8-31.8 °F

The small city of Sikeston may not be on anyone’s list of fascinating winter vacation spots but it’s nonetheless your best option for warmer weather in the Midwest. The climate is very mild for Midwest standards and may be enough of a winter getaway for those living in some of the coldest cities of the region.

2. Neosho, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 46.3-50.9 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 25.3-29 °F

On average, the small city of Neosho in southwestern Missouri has even warmer days than Sikeston. It has noticeably colder nights, though, which gives it the second spot. Still, if you’re after the warmest days in the Midwest, Neosho is your best option. If you’re lucky, your winter getaway in the area may feel more like warm spring than winter.

3. Kennett, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44.9-50.2 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 25.8-29.5 °F

100 miles north of Memphis, Kennett features warmer daytime temperatures than Sikeston. It has colder nights, though, and the daily mean temperature is lower than in Sikeston.

4. Branson, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 43.2-49.2 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 26.6-30.3 °F

Branson is a small city in the Ozark Mountains. It’s known for its various family-friendly attractions like theaters, museums and other entertainment parks. In other words, it has the makings of a perfect family winter vacation destination in the Midwest.

Branson, Missouri is the fourth warmest city in the Midwest

5. Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44-49.3 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 25.8-29.5 °F

The gateway to the Ozarks is one of the few “proper” winter vacation spots on this list. Located on the edges of the mountains, it serves as an entry point for exploring the region. It also enjoys some of the mildest winters in the Midwest.

6. Joplin, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44.8-50 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 25-28.7 °F

Joplin forms one of the largest metropolitan areas in Missouri, making it one of the warmest places in the Midwest during winter that offers the attractions of a bigger city.

7. Carthage, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44.5-50.3 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 24.3-28.6 °F

Located near Joplin, Carthage is yet another option for spending the Midwest winter in more comfortable weather conditions. Like the previous cities, it enjoys mild temperatures during the day, with cool nights.

8. Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 43-48.2 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 26.2-29.8 °F

Cape Girardeau is another larger city in Missouri that enjoys a milder climate, with particularly warm nights compared to some of the previous cities.

9. Springfield, Missouri

Average daytime winter temperatures: 44.3-49.5 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 24.2-28 °F

The third largest city in Missouri is by far the biggest metropolitan area in this ranking. If you’re looking to move to one of the warm places in the Midwest and want to live in a big city, Springfield may be your best option.

10. Boonville, Indiana

Average daytime winter temperatures: 42.1-47.4 °F

Average nighttime winter temperatures: 25.4-29.2 °F

The only Midwest city in this ranking that’s not in Missouri is Boonville, Indiana. This small city located about 20 miles east of Evansville (the third most populous city in Indiana) experiences cool to mild winters with relatively warm nights.

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