Most Introverted Countries in the World

Most Introverted Countries in the World

If you have an introverted nature, it’s tough living in a place that doesn’t understand your personality. If you could move to a more introverted country, what would it be? Here are the top 10 most introverted nations where your personal space and alone time is respected, and your introverted tendencies aren’t considered weird.

According to a personality test website called that has data from 40 million respondents worldwide, the top ten most introverted countries in the world are (the percentage indicates how many more introverts there are compared to extroverts):

1. Lithuania (+11.19% Introverted) data suggests that Lithuania is the world’s most introverted country. It ranks well ahead Scandinavian countries which most people would assume to be the least extroverted countries in the world.

Lithuania is a small European country in the Baltic region. It has less than 3 million residents so it’s a perfect country for those who don’t like big cities. It has one of the lowest population density in Europe and one of the lowest globally, too (176th out of 247 countries and dependencies; for comparison, the United States ranks 81st).

Lithuania has only 4 cities with population higher than 100,000 inhabitants. Even in its capital, Vilnius, you’ll surely find many quiet streets and places to recharge. Apart from the cities, there’s plenty of smaller towns and countryside to choose from. With so many introverts, Lithuania has cultural norms that place high value on personal space, quiet surroundings, and

If I were to pick a place to live in Lithuania, I’d choose a place close to the port city of Klaipėda. That would give me access to a bigger (but not very big) city but also access to coastline and forests which most introverts would also fine valuable.

2. Chile (+10.92% Introverted)

Chile is the southernmost country in the world. It occupies a long and narrow strip of land featuring diverse climates: from dry deserts in the north, a Mediterranean climate, and humid subtropical (in the remote Easter Island) to tundra and glaciers. The country has a population of about 20 million people and ranks 85th for population density.

According to data, Chile is the second most introvert-friendly country in the world.

Apart from the country’s bustling metropolitan area of Santiago (where almost half of the population lives), other cities and regions of Chile are less populated.

If I were to choose where to live in Chile, I’d go with one of the coastal towns close to Viña del Mar to enjoy a pleasant climate and an outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Chile is also one of the best places to live in for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Algeria (+10.29% Introverted)

Algeria is a North African country with a long Mediterranean coastline and a very sparsely populated Saharan desert interior. Algeria is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, ranking 209th out of 247. Its population is around 45 million people. Algeria ranks as the third best country for introverts to live in.

Unless you’re an extreme introvert who wants to be left alone, your best option in Algeria is its more developed northern part. Whether by the coast or in the mountains, you’ll find there many quiet cities and towns.

If I were looking for a place to live in Algeria, I would find a mix of a local and resort town by the Mediterranean coast. This would potentially give me something closer to a Western culture to which I’m more accustomed.

4. Faroe Islands (+10.22% Introverted)

Fourth Most Introverted Country in the World: Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is a tiny island country of 54,000 inhabitants that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. This rugged place is located in the North Atlantic and features a windy, wet, cloudy, and cool climate. The remoteness and unpleasant weather may make it a perfect place for an introvert who wants to live far away from other people.

Faroe Islands rank 184th out of 247 in population density. They comprise of 18 major islands, some of which have a population of just a few dozen to a few hundred people.

Streymoy is the largest and most populated island of the archipelago. That’s where I’d choose to live if I were considering living in the Faroe Islands. The country is already so remote compared to other countries on the list that I’d prefer to live on the most populated island.

5. Brazil (+9.85% Introverted)

I have to admit that I was surprised to see Brazil being so introverted in the ranking. Its laid back vibe and a party culture would make you think it’s an extroverted country. However, more than 240,000 Brazilians participated in the survey so the sample size is large enough to trust the data.

Brazil is one of the most populous countries in the world, with over 215 million people. Because of its huge size, it ranks 194th out of 247 in population density. While Brazil is home to many of the world’s largest urban agglomerations, it also has quieter cities and towns.

If I were to live in Brazil, I’d choose the southern tip of the Santa Catarina Island for its nature and safety. I’d have access to the large city of Florianópolis but I’d live sufficiently far away from its hustle and bustle.

6. Poland (+9.66% Introverted)

Poland has over 38 million inhabitants. It’s one of the more densely populated countries in the world, ranking 34th out of 247. It’s the most densely populated country on this list.

Poland offers a variety of landscapes to choose from, from the long Baltic coast, forested eastern region of the country, and the industrialized south to the mountains. Due to its density, it doesn’t have anything close to the great outdoors like the bigger countries on the list, though.

I’m from Poland. I can attest that Poland, despite its population density, is an introvert-friendly place (assuming you don’t live in a big city like Warsaw or Cracow). Polish people are generally more introverted, mind their own business, and don’t engage in small talk much.

The best places to live for introverts in Poland include smaller towns close to Tricity (easy access to long beaches), the entire region of Podlachia (lots of forests), and countless towns in the mountains in the southern part of the country.

7. Finland (+9.3% Introverted)

Most Introverted Nations: Finland

With extremely low population density (215th out of 247) and more than 75% forest cover, Finland is no surprise on this list. To me, it’s a quintessential introvert country. Curiously, it’s frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world.

Except for the country’s bustling capital, Helsinki, any other Finnish city should be a great city for introverts. If I were to choose, I’d live close to the city of Espoo which gives easy access to Nuuksio National Park (it would be so fun to watch Siberian flying squirrels that live there!). Otherwise, I’d imagine that no matter the city, the Finnish culture would make living there super easy for any introvert.

8. Portugal (+9.3% Introverted)

Considering that Portugal is surrounded by Spain, many people would assume that Portugal would lean toward extroversion. But in reality, Portugal has a very different culture, which in my experience is more introspective. Portugal has over 10 million inhabitants and ranks 41st out of 247 in population density. It also has the more remote archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon and Porto attract so many tourists that I wouldn’t recommend these places for introverts. If I were to live in Portugal, I’d choose to live on the island of Madeira (but not in its main city of Funchal). I greatly enjoyed the nature as well as the quiet countryside of the island. If one wanted even more seclusion, the Azores would be an even better choice.

9. Argentina (+9.13% Introverted)

Argentina is the second largest country in South America after Brazil but has a much smaller population. Over 47 million people live in Argentina. It ranks right after Finland in population density, 216th out of 247 countries and dependencies. The country has a variety of diverse climates to choose from, with lots of wild areas and places where introverts can easily recharge.

Considering that the country’s capital city, Buenos Aires, is the most visited city in South America, I’d advise introverts to look for smaller cities. I’d consider the province of Salta in northwestern Argentina for its great sunny weather and easy access to remote areas. Argentina is one of the most urbanized countries in the world which means that if you want to live in the countryside, you’d have all the solitude you’d want.

10. Uruguay (+8.76% Introverted)

Uruguay is the most prosperous country in Latin America and one of the best countries in the region for life quality. With its population of about 3.5 million people, of whom 2 million live in the metropolitan area of Montevideo, the rest of the country is sparsely populated. Uruguay ranks 206th out of 247 in population density.

If I were to find a place to live in Uruguay, I’d choose the suburbs or a small town close to the resort city of Punta del Este on the Atlantic Coast. It would provide the best of both worlds: easy access to nature as well as a developed infrastructure for shopping, restaurants, etc.

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