Does Colorado Get a Lot of Snow?

Does Colorado Get a Lot of Snow?

When you think of Colorado, you may think of ski resorts or mountain towns that come to life in the winter months. But you may also think of reliable Colorado sun and dry weather and wonder: does Colorado get a lot of snow? If the state gets so much sunshine, does snow fall in large quantities?

If you’re looking for the answer to this question, in this article you’ll find the answer along with other useful information on Colorado winter.

You may also be interested in my article on the warmest cities in Colorado where I rank the major 50 cities by average temperatures. The coldest cities will tend to have more snowfall.

Here’s How Much Snow Colorado Gets in the 25 Major Cities

Here's How Much Snow Colorado Gets in the 25 Major Cities

Here’s a table with 25 cities detailing how much average snowfall and snowy days each place gets. Note that there may be much more snow in the mountains and Colorado ski resorts not listed in the ranking (usually you can get information on snow quality directly from a given ski resort).

The following places have at least 5,000 residents and are the most populous cities and towns in Colorado where most people live. In the snowiest cities of Colorado it may snow most of the year, except for a short period between June, July, and August. In the major cities like Denver or Colorado Springs, there’s usually no snowfall between May and September.

Not every place is listed as the National Weather Service doesn’t collect weather data in every single city or town in Colorado (or it doesn’t provide both average snowfall and average snowy days). All data comes from the NOAA.

In general, Colorado gets quite a bit of snow though higher snowfall is limited to the smaller resort towns while the bigger cities don’t have such huge amounts of snowfall.

CityAverage snowfall (inches)Average snowy days
Steamboat Springs184.572.7
Estes Park10457.5
Wheat Ridge75.537.6
Castle Rock57.523
Fort Collins51.427.5
CaƱon City38.320.1
Colorado Springs32.527.1
Grand Junction17.718.1

As you can see, the place that gets the most snow is Breckenridge. It has the highest average snowfall and most days with snow. The place that gets the least snow, according to available snowfall records from the NOAA, is Fruita.

Colorado isn’t the snowiest state, though. According to WorldPopulationReview, Vermont is the snowiest state in the United States, while Colorado ranks fourth.

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